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Who am I ?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Namaste. My name is Lou and I live in Western Australia. I have travelled twice to Nepal. In 2018 I trekked to Gokyo Ri and in 2019 I trekked to Everest Base Camp. Along the way I totally fell in love with Nepal and the kind Nepali people.

After returning home from my first trek, I longed to be back in Nepal and help somewhere, somehow.

I have connected with Let’s Clean Up Nepal and the founder Raj, and started this blog to share the projects that the foundation do throughout Nepal. I hope you enjoy reading about them and show your support.

One project I am particularly proud of is the Education trip we did to Duskot in Sindhupalchok. I raised over $1300 which went to provide heath education to the students there, and reusable sanitary kits to the girls in the school, and women in the village. (Stay tuned for that blog)

Spot the ‘odd’ one out

Please follow me on Instagram @loulou_hiker

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