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Jalbire to Simle Bazaar Cleaning and Awareness Program

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Our Jalbire to Simle Bazaar awareness campaign has been accomplished.

Environmental awareness education for everyone

The LCUN Team love interacting with the local community

Providing education to shopkeepers

Signs for everyone to read were out up around the area

We have been working on cleaning projects, as well as awareness programs about human impact on the environment. We spent a week providing environmental education in a Jalbire School and to the community in Simle Bazaar, as well as cleaning up the area with community members. In addition, we also encouraged the people of the community to organize their trash at a specific place instead of throwing it away in the surrounding area or in the river. We discussed climate change and the negative impact of burning plastics on the environment as well as people’s health,

Animals rummage through the dumped rubbish and may become ill or die from eating plastics and other rubbish

Rubbish dumped in the river

It may seem the ‘easy option’ just to throw it on the river, but apart from polluting a water source, someone will need to deal with it eventually

Whilst providing this education we discovered that some locals were burning plastic and wood, and in fact burning the plastic purely to manage the volumes created, as it was the ‘easiest option’ for waste management. We made a big effort to talk to all shopkeepers and households to explain the health implications of burning plastics, as well as the environmental impact. We also rearranged 40 dustbins that we had provided previously, and cleared up any misunderstandings about their use. These bins are to encourage people to keep the road and surrounding area of Simle Bazaar clean.

Rubbish bins to encourage keeping the streets clean

Clean Up Team in action

Recently wildfires have been prevalent in the Sindhupalchowk area, so we have discussed this with the students and local people and encouraged them not to light fires in the forrest and encouraged them to consider more reforestation programs in the future.

Wildfires are on the increase

Forest Fire

Devastation of wildfires in the mountains

We received wonderful feedback from the local community, and people appreciated our river cleaning campaigns. They say that now the river is clean, due to our hard work and dedication, they will not throw trash in the river. The school educational program was fruitful as recently Nepal experienced record level air pollution readings resulting in schools closing for four days, so we were able to explain the issue of air pollution. On our next visit we intend showing documentaries to the students about global warming and climate change so that they can be impassioned to save this planet.

LCUN Team Member Sara sharing her knowledge with school students

LCUN Team Member Amrita discussing global warming and climate change with the interested students

Thank you so much to Shree Ananda Secondary School, The Rising Leaders Youth Club, the local community, as well as our beautiful supporters.

Every step counts❤️


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