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Act Now - Save The Mountains

Image by OCG Saving The Ocean

Save The Mountains Project


We are a nonprofit, non-governmental organization. We have been performing different environmental educational campaigns to keep Nepal clean since 2017. Our organization has been cleaning mountains and taking action to #SaveTheMountains project through our small steps. "Human activities are the principal cause of this phenomenon.  Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions have raised the temperatures even higher in the north and south poles. As a result, glaciers are rapidly melting, ice calving off to sea and retreating on land.”

We need strong and bold action on climate change now! We can start by removing garbage from the mountains and planting trees! You can bring your waste bags or *purchase reusable hemp @$20US or cotton @$15US trash tote bag. For every bag sold, we will plant a tree in Nepal. Bring your bag to collect the rubbish in the mountains and carry out the trash to Kathmandu city for recycling. We have selected stores in Thamel for the garbage drop off, Alpine Equipment Hub (977 985-1174213) or Hemp Headquarters (977 986-0799249 the rubbish in the bag will be 99% recycled or repurposed with Doko Recyclers.

We aim to start this project to reduce CO2 and fight climate change by cleaning the planet and planting trees. Knowing our planet is not balanced due to the different kinds of pollution worldwide. We should reduce emissions daily to reduce our carbon footprint as soon as possible.

Your support and participation are essential in making a better future for the next

Humble requests to all travelers please carry out all your rubbish with you. If you want to be part of the Save The Mountains movement, please join us.
Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution.
Every step counts
Dhanyabaad/ Thank you



Porters support food campaign

With Kathmandu in an extended lockdown, the porters that usually work in the tourism industry have been unable to work for a long period of time.


With no tourists filling the streets of Thamel and hiking the magical mountain trails, most porters have returned to their villages or come to Kathmandu. Yet with no daily wage, how do they provide the basic necessities like food and shelter for their families?


We are proposing a portersupport food campaign. A donation of $40 will provide a food package that should feed a family of 4 or 5 for approximately a month.

Each package will consist of staple food items as follows:

  • Rice 30kg

  • Sun flower oil 1lit

  • Beaten rice 2kg

  • Sugar 1kg

  • Salt 1kg

  • Tea  200g

  • Wheat flour 2kg

  • Soap

  • Potato 2.5kg

  • Lentils 2kg

  • Dry soyabean 1kg


WhatsApp Image 2020-09-02 at 18_15_54(1).webp

100% of donations will provide packages for those who need it most.  We hope to make a difference in their lives and relieve some of the stress they are experiencing now because of Coronavirus and it's effects on everyone.

This campaign is brought to you by:

Joyce, a Canadian with a desire to help those in need in Nepal.  First visit to Nepal in 2019,  appreciation in  how kind and hardworking the Nepali people with very little.  EBC was scheduled  to trek March,  2020 due to coronavirus it was cancelled. I will be returning for more treks.


Lou, an Australian who has been mesmerized by Nepal and its people since visiting in 2018, and subsequently in 2019.  A life changing event during her first trek in 2018 has resulted in her motivation to help wherever she can and 'pay back' all the friendship, assistance, care and support she received.


Raj, founder of Let's Clean Up Nepal.  As a mountain guide also concerned with the environment as well as social causes, he is perfectly placed and skilled to ensure this assistance gets to those who need it most - the wonderful porters of the Nepali Himalayas.

I work for two different causes but they are linked: education and environment.

Since 7 years, I connect donors with poor and orphanage kids who live in remote areas to help them to go to school. I also go often in their schools to aware teachers about how to develop education in the remote villages. I teach to kids how to clean in front of the school and explain them why we need to protect nature. I give also tips for healthy life.

Since 2 years, I clean the mountains and educate local people and nepali tourists. I try to connect with people all over the world to spare my messages. I have cleaned 7 times trekking trails and I have organized 2 events in Kathmandu to clean our city. This year, I have also organized one event in Switzerland to talk about the trash in Nepal.

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