Food support for porters
october 6, 2020

Just a quick update to let our donors all know where their generous donations are going.
On the 6th of October 2020 we helped another 12 porters and their families, this time in Boudha, Kathmandu.


They are from the Solu Khumbhu Everest area valley. We have selected the most needy porters who have been facing difficulties in this hard time, and each received a food assistance package to the value of 3000 NRS.

If you want to be part of the support campaign please follow our foundraising link:

Please read the complete article below.


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Help them reach a target of 500 families!
To date Let’s Clean Up Nepal has managed to help 493 families with emergency food packages to help them through this difficult time brought on by the Coronavirus Pandemic.
With the help of amazing donors across the world, and volunteers in Nepal they have travelled far and wide offering assistance to those in need the most.
They are so close to the magical number of 500 and would appreciate your donation to help them help more people in need.


Thanks to everyone who has made this possible so far.

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Please support our friend Joyce on this fundraise campaign for our " heroes of the mountains" - the porters that carry everything from trekkers packs to food and supplies up the mountains and along the trekking routes.

To support our porters please

contact us via e-mail or social media.

Thank you so much!