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Waste Management Proposal for Annapurna Region

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

We were in Annapurna for a few days recently and this trip was considered ‘something different’ than the last few clean up awareness campaigns. We both (@letscleanupnepal and are trying to set up Waste Manangemet in the Annapurna region. We had a very fruitful meeting with the local ward chairman, Annapurna Conservation Area project (ACAP) officer, hotel association chairman, female leader, youth club leader and locals.

Successful meetings

We met with many different representatives

We both shared our visions and what we could do best to reduce pollution on the mountain and how to recycle, reuse the unmanaged waste and stop burning, as we can see the most of the mountains are full of garbage. It is absolutely unfortunate to be in this condition.

The shocking reality of rubbish in the area

So we want to eliminate such problems by conducting environmental related education to change the mindset of people. Everyone is so excited to work with us. If anyone is on the way to support this area, let’s shake hands and walk together for a change. We will be more happy to welcome you as a partner. Thank you very much for all the beautiful hands that are on the way to suport and we look forward to the change.

Love your planet. There is no Planet B

Every step counts @sthraj

Article by Raj Sth for Let’s Clean Up Nepal

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