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River Clean Up – Jalbire

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

We recently held a big river clean up day in Jalbire Sindhupalchok. All the villagers have been throwing their garbage in the river, ever since plastic was introduced into this valley. The exception is the Clean Village Project where LCUN has been educating the villagers and setting up waste management to reduce, reuse and recycle the trash.

Nowadays more people are using plastic bags, choosing junk food , wasting food packaging etc. This river is our natural swimming pool and sadly it is now full of garbage. When we go swimming, we are swimming amongst the garbage, which is not healthy for us or the river. We used to see fish also but now trash is choking the river and it looks like a sea of colorful plastic bottles and plastic bags.

There are many young people staying in the Clean Village due to Covid-19, and we engaged 14 volunteers who collected all the plastic bottles, cans, plastic and old foot wear. We took all the trash to the Clean Village and will build a plastic bottle waste management for #Cleanvillage project in the coming days. All the volunteers were so happy and felt proud to clean up the river. LCUN is so happy to involve young people and work together to save the river, and we thank all our energetic volunteers for their great work.

While people here understand that plastic is pollution, there has been little action to stop. However we are now starting to see a change, led by young people, and they will make a difference in the future.

Cleaning up the river is not the final solution. We also hope to be able to change the mindset of people and how they are treating our river, but it takes time to bring change and stop old habits. However we are sure we will be able to enjoy our clean river again once these awareness programmes and waste management projects make a difference, and people no longer throw their garbage in the river.

Wherever you are, please do not throw your trash into the river or sea, we need to save our planet and take care of our animals and marine life. We need to act now and take care of our planet now, because there is no ‘Planet B’. Every step counts❤️@letscleanupnepal










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