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Manaslu Circuit Clean Up

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I would like to share some interesting things with you….

I didn’t plan to clean up the Manaslu circuit, but when I reached the mountain I saw lots of trash on the way up. Local bodies were burning and throwing trash in the river, so I felt very bad. Even though I didn’t plan well, my heart was saying that he wants to clean up as much as he can. The following day we hiked up and started to pick up the water bottles, cans, cold drinks bottles, biscuit or chocolate wrappers etc. I had only 4 bags for the clean up and already two bags were full with the trash. However, I still wanted to clean up the trails and show off how clean and beautiful our mountain can be to our guests.

When I was cleaning, my guests also helped me to collect the trash, and there were some Nepalese solo travelers who were doing the circuit who saw me cleaning up, and the full bags of trash. They wanted to help out carrying my two bags to Bhimthang, so I gave them my two bags. I would like to say those guys are wonderful. Thank you for supporting @Letscleanupnepal

Again, I started to fill up my 2 bags and go down. I met one French guy who was with a big French group, and he was cleaning the trail. He already picked up some trash on the way down. He was saying he would like to help us cleaning, and saying “Please do not litter in nature. Mother Nature needs to be clean and we need to make her happy.”

We went down a little bit and met another trekking guide who cleaned up the trail with his clients. He said he often does clean ups after the pass, but there is no proper waste collection center to dispose of the trash so he feels so bad.

We kept going down but couldn’t clean up all the trails, however my heart still wanted to do it. I feel I did something good to save our environment. We brought all the trash down that we collected on the circuit, because if we leave it in the guest houses then they will be burn it and create more pollution for us. I don’t like to complain to them as well because they have a lack of environmental education and the government doesn’t help out. I prefer not to see trash burning so that at least I could help to reduce pollution. On the way down we met some nice trekking guides and porters, and they helped me to carry out 5kg of plastic bottles, cans and wrappers etc. Those guides and porters are great heroes. On this particular occasion, those trash filled plastic bags travelled with us more than 400km from mountain to the recycling centre.

Thank you very much to all the wonderful supporters who have beautiful eyes to see Nepal as it should be – a clean, pollution free country with pristine mountains. Every Step Counts @letscleanupnepal . .













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