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Gorkha – Menstruation education

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

This time we wanted to visit Gorkha and see how the local women and girls are facing the issue of menstruation there. We have previously been in Gore village where Gurung and Brahmans live. We learned some interesting points about menstruation there, especially in the Brahmans community where, when girls have a period for the first time, then the parents have to send their daughters to another relatives houses to be isolated for 25 days in a separate room. While inside the room their daughters cant see anybody except their mum and sisters. Their father and brothers cannot see their face or talk for 25 days, even if their daughters need any kind of help. But more recently this culture turned to 5 days of isolation instead. It is disappointing to hear this, but they have to follow the tradition, just like their parents followed, as other generations did for many decades. Most of the women are against this tradition, which is good to hear, however even these days when they have their period, they only can take a shower after 4 days and can’t go to the kitchen and temple etc. During their period women & girls can’t touch anything in the kitchen or plants, they are not allowed to pray or go to the temple either. If they do touch anything or pray it is believed that everything will be bad in their life and for their families. We spoke with local women and encouraged them to open their eyes and see the new world, feel good about being a woman, and to live a happy life. Some family have already broken the ‘rules’ and nothing has happened. They are living happily and they can touch & pray or do anything they like to do. But despite this more than 90% families are still following the old culture and tradition and facing lots of problems during their period. We were trying to educate women and their daughters as well that menstruation is natural process. We hope their daughters will not face the same problems as their parents did. We succeeded in comparing the old culture and new, and provided women’s health education to the womeWe want to go this Gorkha village in the future and help by providing and distributing reusable sanitary pads. If anyone wants to be part of our project please DM us thank you. Together we can make a difference … . . Every Step Counts.. @sthraj . .








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