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Dedicated to the hero’s of our mountains – Mountain Guides & Trekking Guides

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Dedicated to all the beautiful mountain guides and trekking guides of Nepal…. We have some questions and requests for you. – Would you like to see our mountains clean, without trash? – Would like to stop burning plastic on the mountain?

  1. Do you like to show your home problem to the world? – Have you ever talked about environmental subjects with your guests? While you are booking or giving briefing? – Would you be proud to show your mountains clean to your guests?

Mountain guides and trekking guides are the real Heroes of the mountains, who can save mountains by giving an environmental education while giving briefing with your guests. In the mean time more than 95% of guides never talk about environmental issues about the mountains. We know our mountains are full with trash and local bodies are burning or throwing it in the rivers. Would you still like to see those polluted mountains ?

And an interesting thing is, we love to complain to our government too much. We know our government has been talking too much but working less, and too slow providing infrastructure but when will we act ourself ? We also have a responsibility for our country don’t we? Can we act together for cleaner mountains? If we can all add the environment subject while we are booking or giving briefing for the trip, this will help. If we can all add the environmental subject, even just five more minutes and tell your guests “Please Don’t Leave Any Trash On The Mountain” , and carry out your own rubbish with you. We are sure that all beautiful travelers will definitely follow the “Leave No Trace” principal. If we can all act personally, imagine! We won’t see tomorrow as many trash covered mountains like we see today.

So, please let’s act now for tomorrow for change, and you know that together we can make a difference. S T R O N G E R T O G E T H E R……… Every Step Counts ….@sthraj



















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