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Simple Bazar: Wondeful clean up event with locals

Updated: May 24

We want to tell you about our latest clean up event in Simple Bazar in collaboration with "The Rising Leaders Youth Club".

First a little bit of background and current situation

Simple bazar is located in Sindhupalchok district balefi rural which is 85 km far from Kathmandu.

There is a big Mt. Jugal (6456 m) and also a beautiful river which is called Balefi river. Few years ago locals used to drink the river water but now it's not more drinkable because of the pollution.

We can see that the clean river is becoming full of garbages.The small village is becoming a big one and is getting more and more polluted. People are throwing their trash everywhere on the street and burn them in front of their houses. Local people thinks that burning and throwing the garbage into a river is the only and one solution to manage it. Simple Bazar is an example for the whole country of Nepal . Therefore, we started this clean up project with volunteer locals.

The Event

At first, we conducted awareness about the plastic pollution and trained the locals how to sagregate the waste and manage them properly.

We promised with each other that we never going to burn and throw any rubbish into the river. We also suggested them to hold their garbage in their own garden until a recycling center is built. We all together committed to protect our mother earth.

For this event we collaborated with „The Rising Youth Club“. T

hey are totally focused on to develop the community with education and human resources support and also collaboration with organizations.

So we had a beautiful clean up with 22 local volunteers. We wanted to involve more households, but the current regulations of covid-19 limited this a little bit.

At the end on this event we installed 40 pieces of reusable bins to change the habits of local people. We didn't want to buy bins, so we bought already used big chemical drumps. We have chosen this way because we want to avoid and reduce even more plastic.

Thank you so much @Badri Dungana for your great support to make our project happen in real. Without your help we weren't able to start this cleaning project for Simple Bazar.

We are on the process to build a recycling center with non reuseable plastics.

You want to be a part of this wonderful project? Yeah... let's get in touch and contact us via social media on Instagram or Facebook.

Let's Clean Up Nepal, together 🤜🤛

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